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Texas and Florida Continue to Beat Lockdown States: Fauci 'Not Sure' Why Open States are Winning04/11/2021 - beckernews.comFox News Under Fire As Mike Lindell Hires Investigators To Look Into Them04/11/2021 - conservativebrief.comRepublican AGs plan to create legal roadblocks for Biden agenda04/11/2021 - libertyunyielding.comAntifa barricaded doors to trap people inside, then lit Portland ICE building on fire04/11/2021 - noqreport.comWorld Health Organization enters damage control mode04/11/2021 - noqreport.comChauvin Trial: Find guilty or start riots?04/11/2021 - thelibertyloft.comChristian champion warns of COVID vaccines using cell line from abortion04/11/2021 - wnd.comTrump talks 2024 at GOP event, calls McConnell a "dumb" SOB, praises DeSantis04/11/2021 - independentsentinel.comTucker: Will Hunter Biden Be Arrested For Lying On Federal Background Check?04/11/2021 -"Preserving The Legacy Of Donald J Trump"- Former Dem Vernon Jones Says He Will Announce Next Friday If He Will Run For Governor04/11/2021 - thepalmierireport.comAWKARD: Watch Jen Psaki squirm and try to dodge FNC's Peter Doocy's question on Biden's PAST opinions on court-packing (video)04/11/2021 -'Oh HONEY, you CRAZY'! Self-described queer, feminist, blue-check lawyer's 'rule' about WHY men call women crazy BACKFIRES04/11/2021 - twitchy.comTrump Unveils Plan To Win Back White House And Congress In Speech Before Key RNC Donors04/11/2021 - gellerreport.comHead of NYC BLM Calls for Probe Into Multi-Millionaire Co-Founder with Millions in Real Estate04/11/2021 - 100percentfedup.comEconomists, investors concerned over inflation spike fueled by stimulus payments04/11/2021 - oann.comFauci Says He's Unsure Why Texans Aren't Getting Sick Despite Restrictions Being Lifted...04/11/2021 - weaselzippers.usWho is Next to Rot in the Political Graveyard at the Border?04/11/2021 - 180gdo.comA Declaration from Madam Shylock (RR)04/11/2021 - thepostemail.comPope Francis Calls for "Global Governance" and Vaccines for All.04/11/2021 - thenationalpulse.comUNRELIABLE SOURCES: Media Biased for Biden, Voters Assert in Survey.04/11/2021 - thenationalpulse.comPortland ICE Building Set on Fire During Riots: Reports04/11/2021 - theepochtimes.comBiden wants to underfund the Defense Department while asking it to do more - Freedom First Network04/11/2021 - freedomfirstnetwork.comUnited Airlines sets diversity goal: 50% of pilots over next decade to be women or POC04/11/2021 - libertyunyielding.comCartoon of the Day: Justice is (half) blind04/11/2021 - libertyunyielding.comChauvin's knee on Floyd's neck for 9 minutes is fully debunked04/11/2021 -'The wait is OVER, LOL!' David Hogg's old tweet using his failed 'Good Pillow' to trash-talk Ben Shapiro BITES him in the a*s spectacularly04/11/2021 - twitchy.comAnnoying AF thread about what Dr. Fauci WOULDN'T do a reminder of just how STUPID it is for America to keep listening to this guy04/11/2021 - twitchy.comArmed suspect barricaded in Hawaii resort dies of self-inflicted gunshot wound04/11/2021 - oann.com2 deputies recovering in Utah after being shot, suspect dead04/11/2021 - oann.comAfter Questioning AOC, Woman Receives 'Scary' Visit from Police at Her Front Door04/11/2021 - beckernews.comMaryland becomes first state to end police officer Bill of Rights04/11/2021 - lawofficer.comTrump brands Fauci 'full of crap' in off script speech at Mar-a-Lago and says Covid jab should be called 'T...04/11/2021 - the-sun.comUnited Airlines sets diversity goal: 50% of pilots to be women or POC04/11/2021 - libertyunyielding.comIt Begins: Financial Giant Merrill Lynch Assigns "Environmental, Social and Governance" (ESG) Scores to Rate Customers Just Like the Chinese Communist Party (VIDEO)04/11/2021 - thegatewaypundit.comJovan Pulitzer offered $10M to stay quiet about voter fraud - Freedom First Network04/11/2021 - freedomfirstnetwork.comDavid Hogg Gives Up 'Pillow Fight' with Mike Lindell in Humiliating Fashion04/11/2021 - trendingpolitics.comCambodia condemns VICE for images by artist who added smiles to Khmer Rouge victims04/11/2021 - reuters.comAttacks on Georgia's election laws have absolutely nothing to do with Georgia's election laws04/11/2021 -'LMFAO, Hogg takes the L!' David Hogg's mea-culpa thread on his QUITTING the progressive pillow biz accidentally hilarious04/11/2021 - twitchy.comGov. Kemp: MLB's move hurts minority-owned businesses04/11/2021 - oann.comAs Protesters Target Public Servants At Their Homes, One City Pushes Back...04/11/2021 - weaselzippers.usIran's Top Nuclear Site Reportedly Hit By Cyber Attack, Regime Claims Electrical "Accident" Took Out Brand New Centrifuges04/11/2021 - legalinsurrection.comIT'S OVER: David Hogg Backs Out Of Anti-Trump Pillow Company04/11/2021 - nationalfile.comTrump blasts McConnell in new speech over his refusal to defend Trump after election: 'Dumb son of a b***h'04/11/2021 - theblaze.comInternet troll infiltrates WH briefing, gets to ask question04/11/2021 - libertyunyielding.comThe dangers of masks - Freedom First Network04/11/2021 - freedomfirstnetwork.comDavid Hogg Gives Up 'Pillow Fight' with Mike Lindell in Humiliating Fashion04/11/2021 - beckernews.comRepresentative Dan Crenshaw Has Emergency Surgery, Temporarily Blind04/11/2021 - conservativebrief.comSocial credit scores are here and will affect every area of your life04/11/2021 - independentsentinel.comJanet Yellen is serious, and that's really sad04/11/2021 - noqreport.comLiberal Activist David Hogg Loses Pillow Fight, Quits Company04/11/2021 - thelibertyloft.comMike Lindell Starts Private Investigation Into Fox News for Not Letting Him Report on Election Fraud Allegations04/11/2021 - davidharrisjr.comBLM Co-Founder Buys $1.4 Million Home In Virtually All-White Area. Black Commentators Slam Her.04/11/2021 - davidharrisjr.comNew Mexico State Police release horrifying video of officer's murder04/11/2021 -'Why is this CNN blogger targeting Asian reporters'?! Daniel Dale's attempt at 'fact-checking' Andy Ng does NOT go well, like at all04/11/2021 - twitchy.comMuslims enraged, demand apology after Jay Z spotted wearing t-shirt with image of mosque on it04/11/2021 - gellerreport.comMichigan Whitmer's Aide Ignores Own Travel Ban Warnings for Florida Spring Break04/11/2021 - 100percentfedup.comDan Crenshaw Reveals Serious Health Issue and Could Use Our Prayers04/11/2021 - louderwithcrowder.comDavid Hogg Shares Bad News for His Pillow Supporters (Hysterical News for Everyone Else)04/11/2021 - louderwithcrowder.comConservatives Make up a Tiny Minority of the Faculty at Harvard04/11/2021 - legalinsurrection.comFor Holocaust Remembrance Day Pelosi compares Jan. 6 'insurrection' to Holocaust04/11/2021 - libertyunyielding.comDriver found with corpse on wrong side of highway04/11/2021 - libertyunyielding.comWaPo weirdly praises Biden White House for being 'effectively a leakproof operation'04/11/2021 - libertyunyielding.comU.S. Navy's Official Twitter Account Changed Their Profile Picture To A Masked Bald Eagle04/11/2021 - welovetrump.comIf election fraud is fully exposed, here are two Constitutional ways to eject Biden-Harris without the Supreme Court - Freedom First Network04/10/2021 - freedomfirstnetwork.comTyrant Mark Zuckerberg to SHAME unvaccinated people on Facebook by publicly labeling them - Freedom First Network04/11/2021 - freedomfirstnetwork.comSenators Manchin and Sinema and the Cannibals of the Left04/11/2021 -"This Our Problem"-Senator Rand Paul Urges GOP Voters To Oust RINOs Who Voted Against Repealing Obamacare04/11/2021 - thepalmierireport.comCapitalism! Asra Q. Nomani takes #BlackLivesMatter cofounder Patrisse Khan-Cullors and her 'consulting firm' apart in BRUTAL thread04/11/2021 - twitchy.comIntelligence Sources: North Korea Nears Completion of New Submarine - 19FortyFive04/11/2021 - 19fortyfive.com4th U.S. site pauses COVID-19 vaccinations after adverse reactions04/11/2021 - libertyunyielding.comMedical student who questioned microaggressions banned from campus04/11/2021 - libertyunyielding.comTrump Unloads on 'Dumb SOB' McConnell & His GOP Enemies at Closed-Press RNC Dinner04/11/2021 - trendingpolitics.comTrump Unloads on 'Dumb SOB' McConnell & His GOP Enemies at Closed-Press RNC Dinner04/11/2021 - beckernews.comHarry Reid Warns Against Expanding The Supreme Court04/11/2021 - conservativebrief.comGovernor Whitmer Aide Caught Vacationing While Michigan Still Under Draconian Restrictions04/11/2021 - conservativebrief.comTrump Goes Off On His Enemies, Including 'Dumb Son Of A B**ch' Mitch McConnell04/11/2021 - conservativebrief.comJen Psaki Avoids Doocy's Question On Biden's Past Comments On Packing Supreme Court04/11/2021 - conservativebrief.comDems: Stack or gut the Court so we can do anything we want04/11/2021 - independentsentinel.comDid "60 Minutes" purposely attempt to derail DeSantis' 2022 reelection bid?04/11/2021 - thelibertyloft.comZOA Slams 'Deeply Troubling' Tweets of House Committee, Ilhan Omar on Holocaust Remembrance Day04/11/2021 -"I Was Offered $10 Million Not to Do This!" - Jovan Pulitzer on Offer to Walk Away from His Scanning the Ballots Work on 2020 Election Results04/11/2021 - davidharrisjr.comPortland ICE Building Set On Fire Last Night By Antifa Terrorists...04/11/2021 - weaselzippers.usTop Whitmer aide travels to Florida despite Michigan governor issuing spring break travel warning04/10/2021 - theblaze.comAntifa 'security' attacks video journalist, steals camera during anti-eviction march in Detroit04/10/2021 - theblaze.comNat'l Guard Association Chair: Up to 50 Migrants a Day Being Released into Communities with Less Than 1,000 People in Them04/10/2021 - breitbart.comWATCH: LA Mayor Eric Garcetti Booed at Dodgers Game04/10/2021 - breitbart.comAmerican Psychos: The Left and Their Opposition to Voter ID Laws04/11/2021 - thebluestateconservative.comREPORT: Trump Meeting With Republicans To Discuss Strategy For 2022 And 202404/11/2021 - americanlookout.comThe Russian Navy Is Getting to Ready to Fight Anything - 19FortyFive04/10/2021 - 19fortyfive.comChina's Aircraft Carrier Battlegroup Can Now Really Battle - 19FortyFive04/10/2021 -"Stone Cold Loser"- Trump Takes Aim Mitch McConnell During RNC Donor Speech04/11/2021 - thepalmierireport.comActivist Media Targets DeSantis Week at Legal Insurrection04/11/2021 - legalinsurrection.comThe Royal Navy Wants to Build a Submarine Mothership - 19FortyFive04/10/2021 - 19fortyfive.comRussia Is Building What Might Be the Ultimate Doomsday Submarine - 19FortyFive04/10/2021 - 19fortyfive.comSpanish Populist Party Leader Attacked with Rocks During Madrid Speech04/10/2021 - breitbart.comAsh Coats Caribbean Island of Saint Vincent After Volcano Eruption | World News | US News04/10/2021 - usnews.comBrits Won't Welcome Meghan and Harry at Philip's Funeral, Says Farage04/10/2021 - breitbart.comItaly reports 344 coronavirus deaths on Saturday, 17,567 new cases04/10/2021 - Salvini Should Not Be Tried for Migrant Policy04/10/2021 - breitbart.comTurkey's Erdogan calls for end to 'worrying' developments in eastern Ukraine, offers support04/10/2021 - security forces kill over 80 anti-coup protesters -group04/10/2021 - victory disrupted Pelosi's plans to retire: Book | Washington Examiner04/10/2021 - washingtonexaminer.comJoe Biden's Trojan horse presidency | Washington Examiner04/10/2021 - washingtonexaminer.comForensic analysis of Hunter Biden laptop by ex-FBI agent finds 'no evidence' of fake data | Washington Examiner04/10/2021 - washingtonexaminer.comEngaged at Warp Factor One: When submarines don't mind being seen04/11/2021 - libertyunyielding.comNondefense spending receives huge boost in proposed $1.5 trillion budget | The Post Millennial04/10/2021 - thepostmillennial.comRepublicans Plan to Retake the House Using a Key Part of Democrats' 2018 Playbook04/10/2021 - pjmedia.comRep. Dan Crenshaw reveals he is going 'pretty much off the grid' after emergency surgery04/10/2021 - theblaze.comPentagon verifies more images, video of UFOs04/10/2021 - hotair.comMembers Of Biden's 'Environmental Justice' Advisory Council Have History Of Radicalism, Claiming Fossil Fuels Are Racist | The Daily Wire04/10/2021 - dailywire.comEU proposes six-month tariff freeze with United States: Report04/10/2021 - foxbusiness.comCalifornia women scammed $1.2M in unemployment benefits using prison inmates' names, feds say04/10/2021 - foxbusiness.comChina slaps Alibaba with $2.8 billion fine in anti-monopoly probe04/09/2021 - cnbc.comBiden, You're Not A President. You're Just An Old Fool!04/11/2021 - thepostemail.comSt. Vincent volcano eruption prompts mass evacuations on cruise ships, but ONLY for the vaccinated04/11/2021 - noqreport.comGuns of April and global war04/11/2021 - noqreport.comParler now apparently conforming to Apple's left-wing speech police protocols in order to get back into the Apple Store04/11/2021 - noqreport.comWhen President Harris Breaks the Glass Ceiling (and Everything Else)04/11/2021 - thebluestateconservative.comJovan Pulitzer offered $10M to stay quiet about voter fraud04/11/2021 - noqreport.comMillions Fail to Satiate Hunter Biden's Hunger for Drugs, Prostitutes04/11/2021 - breitbart.comHarry Reid Warns Biden Against Packing Supreme Court: 'We Better Be Very, Very Careful' | The Daily Wire04/10/2021 - dailywire.com2 + 2 = 504/11/2021 - noqreport.comSanders: Infrastructure Includes Housing, Guaranteed Health Care, Dealing with College Debt04/10/2021 - breitbart.comNews Briefs - 04/11/202104/11/2021 - anonymousconservative.comBREAKING: Hours after centrifuge start-up, 'accident' strikes Iran's Natanz facility04/11/2021 - libertyunyielding.comFormer Qanon follower Jitarth Jadeja: Is the Q movement actually dangerous?04/11/2021 - noqreport.comThe genesis of a new Philippine legacy: Self determination04/11/2021 -'No medical certainty' Pfizer vaccine caused death of 56-year-old doctor, medical examiners say04/11/2021 - noqreport.comApril 11th - 2021 Presidential Politics - Resistance Day 8204/11/2021 - theconservativetreehouse.comA 2030 without 'products' or 'ownership': Most dangerous idea, most dangerous man?04/11/2021 - libertyunyielding.comRep. Ilhan Omar called out for 'hateful, antisemitic' tweet on Holocaust Remembrance Day04/11/2021 - libertyunyielding.comBill Gates, George Soros team up to create Orwellian nightmare organization focused on policing 'disinformation'04/10/2021 - noqreport.comMother arrested in death of 3 young children04/10/2021 - lawofficer.comWhat If the Next 9/11 Terrorist Attack Is Just Days Away?04/11/2021 - - Wayne Allen RootHarvard Medical faculty members want race preferences to redress 'unjust heart failure management'04/10/2021 - libertyunyielding.comOnline Gamer Pretending to be White House Reporter Infiltrates Psaki Press Briefings04/10/2021 - thegatewaypundit.comIran starts up advanced centrifuge cascade in breach of JCPOA terms04/10/2021 - libertyunyielding.comYES: Bannon Calls For Commission To Look Into Stolen Election--Where Is GOP Leadership?04/10/2021 - thepalmierireport.comHouse GOP Members Visit Border: This Is 'Biden's Mess'; U.S. Has Become 'Sanctuary Nation'04/10/2021 - breitbart.comStates with highest rates of vaccination and mask compliance feeling heaviest load of new hospitalization cases - NaturalNews.com04/09/2021 - naturalnews.comMike Lindell Starts Private Investigation Into Fox News for Not Letting Him Report on Election Fraud Allegations04/10/2021 - theepochtimes.comIf election fraud is fully exposed, here are two Constitutional ways to eject Biden-Harris without the Supreme Court04/10/2021 -"Center Of The Republican Universe"- Senior Trump Adviser Talks Trump Donor Speech04/10/2021 - thepalmierireport.comVideo: Reporter Assaulted for Filming Antifa Thugs Marching in Detroit: "Had to leave for my own safety"04/10/2021 - 100percentfedup.comJudge Slams Parents for Child's 'Black Mens Fear' After 3-Year Old is Scared of Black Men Subsequent to Being Robbed by Two04/10/2021 -'How pathetic': CNN gets royally hammered for piece on 'occasionally racist' Prince Philip04/10/2021 - twitchy.comRepublicans decry Biden's court packing commission04/10/2021 - oann.comTrump Predicts GOP to Take Back House and Senate in 2022, Then White House in 2024 - Media Right News04/10/2021 - mediarightnews.comVideographer Brendan Gutenschwager Assaulted by Antifa Activist While Attempting to Cover Detroit Protest - Media Right News04/10/2021 - mediarightnews.comProfessor John Lott claims there were 6% more mail-in ballots than votes in Missoula04/10/2021 -'The becoming more and more dangerous': Two Salt Lake Deputies Shot in the Face [Video]04/10/2021 - 100percentfedup.comPresident Trump did not profit from market boom he created04/10/2021 - oann.comA Rebel With a Cause, The Battle of Tinhorn Flats04/10/2021 - theconservativetreehouse.comSecond Child Sex Abuse Survivor Says Twitter Allowed Child Porn On Platform, Joins Lawsuit04/10/2021 - nationalfile.comChina Walks All Over Biden, People's Liberation Army Simulates Invasion as Commander-in-Chief Does Nothing04/10/2021 - westernjournal.comStudent: Cornell Faculty Senate Must Reject Proposed Critical Race Re-Education Mandates on Faculty04/10/2021 - legalinsurrection.comPOLL: Vast Majority of Constituents Believe Rep Gaetz Innocent, Should NOT Resign.04/10/2021 - thenationalpulse.comDay 73: While the Border Burns, Your New "Spiritual and Patriotic" Duty Is Here.04/10/2021 - thenationalpulse.comEXC: United Airlines Has Been Sending American Kids on A Program Sponsored By A Top Chinese Communist Propaganda Group.04/10/2021 - thenationalpulse.comJeff Bezos endorsed corporate tax hikes. Here's why Amazon's support should be a giant red flag04/10/2021 - noqreport.comBiden to send kids to former Japanese internment camp site04/10/2021 - wnd.comJen Psaki: Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire04/10/2021 - thepostemail.comAround the World of Woke in 80 Days04/10/2021 - thepostemail.comVile Treatment of NYPD Officers in Cuomo & de Blasio's Hell-scape New York04/10/2021 - independentsentinel.comSHE SHOULD HAVE: Book Claims Pelosi Was Contemplating Retirement Until Trump Won04/10/2021 -'I've never felt this sexy': New York Post reports on women over 70 rocking Jill Biden's 'risqu tights'04/10/2021 - twitchy.comEconomists, investors concerned over increased inflation fueled by stimulus payments04/10/2021 - oann.comDutch "Horror" Film Features Journalist Murdering People Who Make Me Comments Online...04/10/2021 - weaselzippers.usKamala Harris' #KHive Fans Swarm WrongThinkers, Accuse Them Of Racism, Misogyny04/10/2021 - legalinsurrection.comJOURNO POWER TRIP: 'Dark Comedy' Film Portrays Journalist Who Murders Mean Internet Commentors04/10/2021 - nationalfile.comMilitary Junta Reportedly Seizes George Soros Foundation's Bank Accounts04/10/2021 - westernjournal.comWOW! Jovan Pulitzer offered $10 million to stop probe of 2020 election04/10/2021 - independentsentinel.comRep. Nicole Malliotakis: Biden has turned over our border to the cartels04/10/2021 - oann.comAn Internet Troll Infiltrated A Press Briefing By Jen Psaki And Even Got To Ask Questions...04/10/2021 - weaselzippers.usRapper Xzibit's "Napalm" Weed Company Gets Calls to Rebrand After Customer Uproar About its "Racist" Name04/10/2021 - bigleaguepolitics.comDate, Guest List of Prince Philip's Funeral Released04/10/2021 - westernjournal.comProfessor Eastman, a 2020 election insider, describes the shenanigans04/10/2021 - independentsentinel.comMike Lindell Says He Hired A Private Investigator To Probe Why Fox News Won't Cover Voter Fraud04/10/2021 - thepalmierireport.comStudy: Black Lives Matters protests associated with reduction in lethal force by police ... but also an uptick in murders04/10/2021 - twitchy.comNew law grants Ariz. businesses power to opt out of any city, county or state mask order04/10/2021 - oann.comFormer network exec accuses broadcaster of 'Christophobia'04/10/2021 -'The Carlson News Network is fired up': Jim Acosta doesn't know why Tucker Carlson spells his name with just one K04/10/2021 - twitchy.comPhotographer fights 'non-discrimination' demands that violate faith04/10/2021 - wnd.comLAPD officer, associates arrested in investigation into illegal Super Bowl gambling operation04/10/2021 - lawofficer.comProsecutors say Chicago teen fatally shot by police was with man who fired weapon04/10/2021 - lawofficer.comSaudi sentenced money laundering gang to 106 years in prison04/10/2021 - fcced.comThe US Navy has put a mask on its eagle logo04/10/2021 - twitchy.comVideo: Biden's Radical Gun Zealot ATF Nominee Chipman Says Rifles Should Be Regulated "Just Like Machine Guns"04/10/2021 - 100percentfedup.comPortland To Deploy Unarmed Park Rangers To Combat Historic Crime Surge04/10/2021 - legalinsurrection.comPsaki warns Biden not done attacking gun rights: 'This is only the beginning'04/10/2021 -'Coronavirus-libel' unleashed against Israel04/10/2021 - wnd.comGeneral Flynn Makes Second Endorsement, Throws Support Behind John Bennett For GOP Chair Of Oklahoma04/10/2021 - nationalfile.comBIDEN'S AMERICA: Asian Man Commits 'Sexual Battery' Against Woman As Revenge For Anti-Asian Hate Crimes - Police04/10/2021 - nationalfile.comReport: China's preparing to attack Taiwan, Taiwan will 'fight to the end'04/10/2021 - independentsentinel.comWe Now Have Excerpts Of Trump's Speech At RNC Donor Summit-Predicts Win In 2022, 2024-Calls Out Biden04/10/2021 - thepalmierireport.comSlate writer says SCOTUS justices have established a 'new' First Amendment rule that accommodates churches and religious activity04/10/2021 - twitchy.comDwayne 'The Rock' Johnson a Favorite for POTUS with 'Woke' America: "It'd be my honor to serve you"04/10/2021 - 100percentfedup.comRomney: Dems backing court packing, killing filibuster would forever diminish institutions at America's core04/10/2021 - oann.com40% Of Marines Decline To Get Vaccinated Against COVID...04/10/2021 - weaselzippers.us4th US Site Pauses COVID-19 Vaccinations After Adverse Reactions04/10/2021 - theepochtimes.comBrooklyn woman gets COVID 3 weeks after Johnson & Johnson vaccine04/10/2021 - nypost.comGohmert Posts Video Showing Signs in DHS Bags Directing Illegal Migrants to BP Facilities04/10/2021 - trendingpolitics.comMinnesota Business Owner Says He'll 'Go To Jail' Over Massive Trump Flag04/10/2021 - trendingpolitics.comTexas Supreme Court Tosses Out Restraining Order Against Salon Owner04/10/2021 - westernjournal.comBombshell Fraud In Montana: 6% More Mail-In Ballots Than Votes, Video of Counting Is Missing - CD Media04/10/2021 - creativedestructionmedia.comTaxpayer-Funded Secret Service Guarded Hunter Biden While He Was on 'Week-Long Hollywood Drug and Prostitute Binge': Report04/10/2021 - westernjournal.comReport: North Korea Executes Top Education Official for 'Anti-Party Activities'04/10/2021 - westernjournal.comHouse Ethics Committee Begins Probe Into Gaetz Allegations04/10/2021 - trendingpolitics.comTrump May Be Back on Social Media After Oversight Hearing04/10/2021 - westernjournal.comBREAKING: Dan Crenshaw Receives "Terrifying Prognosis" Over Issue With His Eye, Will Be Out of Commission04/10/2021 - trendingpolitics.comPolice Show Up At Man's House For Critiquing AOC04/10/2021 - welovetrump.comBeloved High School Coach Fired for Not Forcing Students To Wear Masks During Races04/10/2021 - trendingpolitics.comCaribbean Volcano Erupts, But 'Only Those Vaccinated Against COVID' Allowed to Evacuate, CBS Reports04/10/2021 - trendingpolitics.comSCOTUS Calls Out CA. Gov. Newsom After Fifth Time Striking Down COVID Lockdown Orders04/10/2021 - trendingpolitics.comMcConnell Retreats On Warning To "Woke" Corporations To Stay Out Of Politics04/10/2021 - trendingpolitics.comBill Gates, George Soros team up to create Orwellian nightmare organization focused on policing "disinformation" - NaturalNews.com04/09/2021 - naturalnews.comFamily member confirms DMX given Covid vaccine days before lethal heart attack - Freedom First Network04/10/2021 - freedomfirstnetwork.comOver 57% of marines at Camp Lejeune in NC have declined the Covid vaccine04/10/2021 - americanconservativemovement.comMSNBC host totally confused by revelation that the Hunter Biden laptop story is real | The Post Millennial04/09/2021 - thepostmillennial.comMcConnell-aligned super PAC backs Murkowski against primary challenge04/09/2021 - amp.washingtontimes.comKamala Harris MIA on border crisis | Washington Examiner04/10/2021 - washingtonexaminer.comDefiant Matt Gaetz vows 'truth will prevail' in fiery speech amid DOJ investigation | Washington Examiner04/10/2021 - washingtonexaminer.comSupreme Court Strikes Down California's Limit On In Home Religious Gatherings - Conservative Brief04/10/2021 - conservativebrief.comSupreme Court Blocks California's Restrictions on In-home Religious Gatherings04/10/2021 - theepochtimes.comFormer Trump attorney Powell defends self against a $2.5 billion Smartmatic defamation lawsuit04/09/2021 - justthenews.comTrump Endorses Florida Sen. 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