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127 abortion clinics have closed since 2015: Life is 'winning,' pro-life group says12/04/2020 - noqreport.comRudy Giuliani: 'Georgia middle of the night theft of thousands of votes changes everything'12/04/2020 - noqreport.comCouple Arrested For Boarding Flight To Hawaii After Testing Positive For COVID-1912/04/2020 - nworeport.meFACT CHECK: Another Video Of Fraud In Georgia Surfaces?12/04/2020 - thepalmierireport.comMinnesota Man Alleges Mentally Handicapped People Were Forced To Vote For Biden12/04/2020 - madworldnews.comThere It Is: Pelosi Snaps at Reporters, Makes Stunning Admission About Why She Stalled Virus Relief Bill12/04/2020 - - Sister Toldjah'That is SOME handoff'! Herschel Walker shares video of woman trying to hide handing USB drive to fellow election worker12/04/2020 - twitchy.comFrance Moves Against Muslim Extremism12/04/2020 - gellerreport.comMatthew McConaughey and Russell Brand Blast Leftist Disdain for the Working Class12/04/2020 - louderwithcrowder.comLA County Sheriff Says Department Won't Enforce Governor's Stay at Home Orders12/04/2020 - legalinsurrection.comBosnia Federation PM Novalic indicted in corruption case involving overpriced ventilators12/04/2020 - fcced.comVideo || The media Trump were a Democrat12/04/2020 - whitehousedossier.comGeorgia county recertifies election after secretary of state rejects viral video12/04/2020 - whitehousedossier.comJust Stunning: Georgia Secretary of State Hired Dominion-Linked Firm to Conduct Audit of Dominion Voting Systems12/04/2020 - thegatewaypundit.comMichigan Business Owner Interrupts Local Newscast, Rips Whitmer's Lockdown: 'I Have To Fight Back'12/04/2020 - nworeport.meCLOWN SHOW: Georgia Election Insider Gabriel Sterling Freaks Out and Labels Election Fraud Caught on Camera 'Normal Ballot Processing'12/04/2020 - nworeport.meTrump's health was criticized, Biden's is ignored12/04/2020 -'Great idea!!' Kirstie Alley suggests PERFECT way for shutdown-happy public officials to show true leadership12/04/2020 - twitchy.comCORRUPT: Georgia Secretary of State Hired Dominion-Linked Firm to Conduct Audit of Dominion Voting Systems12/04/2020 - gellerreport.comAfter He was Busted Not Wearing a Mask, NJ Governor Tells Rep. Matt Gaetz He's "Not Welcome in New Jersey" for Not Wearing a Mask12/04/2020 - 100percentfedup.comSecy. Pompeo speaks on Middle East security at IISS Manama dialogue12/04/2020 - oann.comGeorgia's GOP Secretary Of State Has Yet To Call For Signature Audit...12/04/2020 - weaselzippers.usDurham seeks prison sentence for ex-FBI lawyer who altered CIA email about Carter Page12/04/2020 - thegreggjarrett.comSite Updates, CTH 2.0 Priorities, and User Experience Feedback Requests12/04/2020 - theconservativetreehouse.comSen. Hawley reaffirms support for stimulus checks, will 'gladly work' with Rep. Ocasio-Cortez12/04/2020 - saraacarter.comTrump won. Don't be duped by disinformation.12/04/2020 - noqreport.comThe rot at the seminaries12/04/2020 - noqreport.comPolice Shooting in the Bronx: At Least 2 U.S. Marshals Shot12/04/2020 - populist.pressVatican Says Biden Presidency Can Play 'Key Role' in Paris Climate Deal12/04/2020 - populist.pressBiden Just Offered Fauci a Promotion and He Accepted12/04/2020 - populist.pressFederal Judge May Challenge Flynn Pardon12/04/2020 - populist.pressMother-Daughter Team Allegedly Identified In GA's Suitcases Of Ballots Scandal12/04/2020 - madworldnews.comBiden Taps Former Chinese Tech Mogul For Trade Transition12/04/2020 - freebeacon.comSomething Doesn't Smell Right12/04/2020 - - Mark DiceFinally -- Congress Passes Statute Imposing US Accounting Standards on Foreign (Chinese) Companies12/04/2020 - nworeport.meREPORT: Trump Team Has Dominion Machine from Small Georgia County - Shows Votes Flipped from Trump to Biden12/04/2020 -'The heck have we been doing since March?!' Joe Biden says all we need is 'just 100 days to mask' and get COVID19 under control [video]12/04/2020 -'Weird way to talk about Kamala Harris'! Jake Tapper '[fears] how MAGA leadership' will handle 'MAGA folks' who will refuse COVID19 vaccine12/04/2020 - twitchy.comGo home, Nan, you're drunk: See if YOU can figure out WTF Nancy Pelosi is saying in this video about Biden (We think? Watch)12/04/2020 - twitchy.comGEORGIA: One Batch of 23,000 Fraudulent Ballots All For Biden - More than Enough for Trump Win12/04/2020 - gellerreport.comClinton liked Pedo Island, Chelsea liked the yachts12/04/2020 - donsurber.blogspot.comBlack Panther Star Under Fire For Criticizing COVID Vaccine...12/04/2020 - weaselzippers.usItalians Told To Stay Home Over Christmas, Not Go Outside...12/04/2020 - weaselzippers.usPhilippines Authorities Threaten Social Distancing Violators With Canings...12/04/2020 - weaselzippers.usJim Jordan's Facebook Post Censored by Fact Checker12/04/2020 - saraacarter.comWar Room: Pandemic Ep 56212/04/2020 - - Steve Bannon's War Room - COARWar Room: Pandemic Ep 56312/04/2020 - - Steve Bannon's War Room - COARWar Room: Pandemic Ep 56412/04/2020 - - Steve Bannon's War Room - COARFinal And Most Essential Command12/04/2020 - - Tony HellerPolice in Fla. investigating man claiming he illegally registered to vote in Ga. ahead of runoff elections12/04/2020 - oann.comIsrael signs deal with Moderna to triple vaccine doses to country12/04/2020 - oann.comHouse GOP call for transparency from AG Barr over investigations into voter fraud12/04/2020 - oann.comGen. Flynn: Election Witness in ICU, Other Witnesses Had Tires Slashed, House Broken Into Twice12/04/2020 - thegatewaypundit.comLegislators 'Seem Very Interested' in Evidence at Georgia Senate Hearings: Trump Attorney12/04/2020 - ntd.comElon Musk: Electric Vehicles will Double Electricity Demand, but Renewables And Grid Scale Batteries will Deliver | Watts Up With That?12/04/2020 - wattsupwiththat.comChina turns on nuclear-powered 'artificial sun', TEN TIMES hotter than the real thing -- RT Business News12/04/2020 - rt.comRussia's has a Bellyful of Migrants - Europe Renaissance12/03/2020 - europerenaissance.comBorder wall construction to continue past Inauguration Day12/04/2020 - washingtonexaminer.comSecret USB Handoff Caught On Video...?12/04/2020 - populist.pressOne Batch of 23,000 Ballots All For Biden Identified as Fraudulent in Georgia - More than Enough for Trump Win12/04/2020 - populist.pressChina State Media Calls Senator Blackburn B*tch After She Called Them Out12/04/2020 - populist.pressSen. Blackburn Owns Chinese Communist Thug After Being Disrespected12/04/2020 - thelibertyloft.comDallas Megachurch Donates $100K to Help Senior Citizens in Need Pay Rent12/04/2020 - nworeport.meEncounters With Star People: An Extraterrestrial, A Spacecraft & An Alaskan Blizzard12/04/2020 - nworeport.meNoah Cyrus Appears To Call Candace Owens A Racist Slur -- Instantly Regrets It12/04/2020 - madworldnews.comTed Cruz Weighs in on Lin Wood Georgia Drama, Lays Things out in Starkest of Terms12/04/2020 - - Sister ToldjahSen. Ted Cruz rates Comfortably Smug's mini-thread about who gov't lockdowns help and harm as 'true'12/04/2020 - twitchy.comHOOBOY! Rick Santelli goes OFF on CNBC's mask-harpy Andrew Sorkin and it is pretty damn EPIC (watch)12/04/2020 - twitchy.comBiden: I Told Obama I'd Pretend To Have A Disease And Resign If We Ever Disagreed About Something...12/04/2020 - weaselzippers.usAustralians Banned From Australian Island Bought by Chinese Developer12/04/2020 - legalinsurrection.comClinesmith Sentencing Statement Filed by Durham -- No Grand Conspiracy Revealed Regarding Clinesmith's Crime12/04/2020 - - Shipwreckedcrew'HYPOCRISY': Sara Carter slams $65 AOC 'Tax the Rich' sweatshirts12/04/2020 - saraacarter.comLancet Publishes Marxist Ecofeminist Take on Covid Crisis12/04/2020 -'Good News for Pro-Lifers': Abortion Rate Has Declined 24 Percent in the Past Decade12/04/2020 - nworeport.meMississippi Police to Fine Citizens Who Host Large Christmas Parties12/04/2020 - toddstarnes.comBIDEN: "If I reach something where there's a fundamental disagreement we have based on a moral principle, I'll develop some disease and say I have to resign."12/04/2020 - Biden: "I WILL DEVELOP SOME DISEASE AND RESIGN"12/04/2020 - gellerreport.comVIDEO: Evidence of Secret USB Handoff Caught on Camera in Georgia12/04/2020 - gellerreport.comJUST IN: 11-Yr-Old CA Boy Kills Himself During Online Elementary School Class12/04/2020 - 100percentfedup.comNevada GOP Says There Exists EXTENSIVE Evidence Of Voter Fraud In Nevada...12/04/2020 - weaselzippers.usCan't you get it through your head?12/04/2020 - - Thomas WictorPope Francis Uses Globalist Great Reset Terminology in Pontifical Message and Tweet12/04/2020 - bigleaguepolitics.comBiden wins 98% of one batch of 23,487 votes in Georgia during alleged SuitCaseGate12/04/2020 - populist.pressGeorgia Suitcase Scammer Shows Us All The Ballots...Something is missing...12/04/2020 - populist.pressBREAKING: Arizona State Rep Calls For Governor To Recall 'Fraudulent Certification'12/04/2020 -"TIME TO RISE UP" Michigan Restaurant Owner Hijacks Live TV Report12/04/2020 - populist.pressGovernor Kemp Backtracks... Calling For Audit12/04/2020 - populist.pressPoll Worker Filming Herself With Stack Of Ballots, Alone With NO Supervisor or GOP Observer12/04/2020 - populist.pressJoe Biden Admits He Would 'Fake Illness And Resign' Over Disagreement12/04/2020 - populist.pressVIDEO: Suitcases Of Ballots Allegedly Pulled Out After Workers Told To Go Home12/04/2020 - madworldnews.comTucker Carlson Goes After Democratic Lockdown Hypocrites, Shows No Mercy (Watch)12/04/2020 - - Sister ToldjahElection Uncertainty, Lockdowns Begin To Harm American Economy...ADP Employment Misses Big12/04/2020 - nworeport.meShenanigans in Atlanta: After counting was "done," workers pull out suitcases containing ballots from underneath desks12/04/2020 - fellowshipoftheminds.comListen Live with Special Guest Host, JD Hayworth12/04/2020 - toddstarnes.comKamala Harris is making binders full of women great again12/04/2020 -'Breathtakingly sinister': Nancy Pelosi just admitted that she was willing to risk Americans' lives and livelihoods to get Joe Biden into the WH; UPDATED12/04/2020 - twitchy.comHillary Clinton is excited to announce her latest endeavor and 'the jokes just write themselves'12/04/2020 - Rep. Paul Gosar calls Biden OUT for damning comments about getting a disease, resigning if he disagrees with Kamala12/04/2020 - twitchy.comVoting Machine USB Drives Had Totals Altered Overnight, Witness in Nevada Election Contest Alleges12/04/2020 - gellerreport.comBOMBSHELL: In 2012, Former Obama Campaign Official Revealed How Facebook Allowed The Democrat Party To "Ingest The Entire Social Network of The U.S." Because "They Were On Our Side" [VIDEO]12/04/2020 - 100percentfedup.comTexas police rescue dozens of people from human smuggling operation in Houston12/04/2020 - oann.comSouthern Calif. wildfire forces 25K evacuations12/04/2020 - oann.comMinneapolis City Council proposes $5.7M cut to police budget12/04/2020 - oann.comBiden Says He Broke His Foot Tripping Out Of The Shower While Pulling His Dogs Tail...12/04/2020 - weaselzippers.usVIDEO: Democrats Caught Stuffing Ballots In Georgia ON CAMERA...12/04/2020 - weaselzippers.usCollege Basketball Coach Stresses the Importance of Social Justice in Sports12/04/2020 - legalinsurrection.comSidney Powell's Kraken Said Dominion Flipped Votes to Trump | Law & Crime12/04/2020 - lawandcrime.comTrump: 'I Will VETO' Military Spending Bill Without Section 230 Termination12/04/2020 - pjmedia.comVideo || Remy ridicules Republican spending hypocrites12/04/2020 - whitehousedossier.comJoe Biden says son Hunter won't be involved in any conflicts of interest12/04/2020 - whitehousedossier.comRabbi Shmuley: Governor Cuomo, Prayer Is an 'Essential' Service12/04/2020 - nworeport.meOne step at a time12/04/2020 - fellowshipoftheminds.comO'Keefe Warns CNN: We Are Dropping Unedited, Full Length Tapes Of CNN's Editorial Meeting12/04/2020 -'I'm not a a**hole, the governor is': Calif. chef/owner Andrew Gruel carves up Gavin Newsom and 'all the haters' for blatant COVID19 BS [video]12/04/2020 -'YOU SAID NOTHING'! Larry Elder rips CNN 'alleged reporter' for what he let Joe Biden say unchallenged12/04/2020 - twitchy.comWATCH: Single-engine plane makes dramatic emergency landing ON AN INTERSTATE at night #ThisIsNUTS12/04/2020 - twitchy.comDeSantis tells Trump to 'FIGHT ON" to overturn November's election results12/04/2020 - gellerreport.comAuthorities offering $60K reward for info in death of 1-year-old in southeast D.C.12/04/2020 - oann.comGeorgia Governor Orders Signature Audit After Video Reveals Counting Of Ballots Continued In Secret After It Was Supposed To Be Done...12/04/2020 - weaselzippers.usDiversity and Social Justice Are Big Business in Education, and You're Paying for it12/04/2020 - legalinsurrection.comHundreds protest over shutdown of New York's 'autonomous zone' bar12/04/2020 - saraacarter.comSupreme Court's Transgender Ruling Leaves Christian Business Paying $250,000 Settlement - Faithwire12/04/2020 - faithwire.comJoe Biden Tells CNN That He May 'Develop Some Disease and Say I Have to Resign' to Give Presidency to Kamala Harris12/04/2020 - bigleaguepolitics.comMichael Moore Warns MAGA Fans: 'A Lot Of You Are Going to Die'12/04/2020 - populist.pressGA Election Insider Calls Election Fraud Caught on Camera 'Normal Ballot Processing'12/04/2020 - populist.pressChina Insider: Arizona Rushes to Certify Biden's Win, Ignoring Evidence Suggesting Fraud12/04/2020 - populist.pressWalmart to spend more than $700 million on new round of employee bonuses12/04/2020 - populist.pressMore than 400 lawmakers from 34 countries back 'Make Amazon Pay' campaign12/04/2020 - populist.pressStimulus hopes power S&P 500 to record high12/04/2020 - populist.pressSenate Decides To Continue to Allow Big Tech to Censor Conservatives With Impunity - President Trump Vows to Veto Bill Allowing It12/04/2020 - populist.pressBritish Airways Investigating Stewardess Offering In-Flight Entertainment Romps12/04/2020 - populist.pressDominion machines were "updated" with the algorithms to steal votes from Donald Trump...12/04/2020 - populist.pressAmerica's Color Revolution, Part 2: Seven Days in December?12/04/2020 - thepostemail.comNYC Uses Police Buses, Plastic Sheets to Block View of Rockefeller Tree Lighting12/04/2020 -'Apologies for the late response': Marco Rubio hits back at AOC after she tries to shame him for not being busy and important like her12/04/2020 - twitchy.comJust In: Georgia's Gov Kemp Calls on Secretary of State to Call for a "Signature Audit" After Events Revealed12/04/2020 - illicitinfo.comPresident Trump says he will sign COVID stimulus once it reaches his desk12/04/2020 - oann.comPelosi and McConnell resume talks as Congress rushes to strike a Covid stimulus deal12/03/2020 - cnbc.comSan Diego Unified School District Forcing Teachers To Attend White Privilege Seminars Where They Are Forced To Acknowledge They Live On Stolen Land, Reject Whiteness...12/04/2020 - weaselzippers.usSMOKING GUN IN GA! MYSTERY BOXES CAUGHT ON VIDEO! TRUMP SHOCKS PRESS WITH RESPONSE ABOUT BILL BARR.12/04/2020 - - Black Conservative PatriotPolitical strategist and Gavin Newsom aide Nate Ballard charged with domestic violence in Napa County - ABC7 San Francisco12/03/2020 - abc7news.comMike Lee Passes Big Tech H-1B Visa Giveaway in Senate Without Objection12/04/2020 - nworeport.meBREAKING: Governor Kemp Calls on Secretary of State Raffensperger to Call for a "Signature Audit" in the State12/04/2020 -'So many questions': Joe Biden's latest explanation for foot injury inspires plenty of bad mental images -- but absolutely zero confidence12/04/2020 - twitchy.comHuman gaffe machine strikes again! Biden says the quiet part about Kamala Harris OUT LOUD during interview and LOL12/04/2020 - Was Insecure Voting This Year's 'Insurance Policy' For Democrats?12/03/2020 - thefederalist.comBIDEN'S AMERICA: Psychotic Anti-White 'Diversity' Training Returns in San Diego School District12/04/2020 - bigleaguepolitics.comTucker Carlson LIGHTS UP Stooge Senator Mumbai Mike Lee for Big Tech Cheap Labor Giveaway12/04/2020 - bigleaguepolitics.comCrooked Operative Filmed Pulling Out Suitcases of Ballots in Georgia IS IDENTIFIED12/04/2020 - populist.pressTrump Team Has Dominion Machine-- Shows Votes Flipped12/04/2020 - populist.pressPro-Biden Effort Gave Native Americans $25-$500 Visa Cards And Jewelry to Vote12/04/2020 - populist.pressJoe Biden Finally Issues A Statement About Hunter Biden12/04/2020 - populist.pressGeorgia Gov: 'Suitcase' Container Video Is 'Concerning, Wants Answers From Secretary of State12/04/2020 - populist.pressGovernor Brian Kemp Orders A Signature 'Audit' of Election Results in Georgia12/04/2020 - thelibertyloft.comSteven Crowder: 'Why don't you just do an audit? ... You do it and this all goes away'12/03/2020 - louderwithcrowder.comReport: Georgia Governor Wants Answers Over What's Being Called Ballot Fraud "Smoking Gun"12/04/2020 - louderwithcrowder.comU.S. Economy Adds 245k Jobs in November, Unemployment Falls to 6.7%12/04/2020 - peoplespunditdaily.comVP Pence: We Are Just Days Away from When We Will Begin to Distribute Tens of Millions of Vaccine Doses12/04/2020 - weaselzippers.usBLM Supporting Prof Chosen to Lead University's New Anti-Racism Institute12/04/2020 - legalinsurrection.comBREAKING: Trump SLAMS AG Barr: 'He hasn't done anything' on voter fraud | The Post Millennial12/03/2020 - thepostmillennial.comEnough Already: 'Governor, May I?' Must End12/04/2020 - nworeport.meDisgusting Detroit Democrat Who Harassed Whistleblowers at Vote Steal Hearing Wants Show Trials for Trump Supporters12/04/2020 - nworeport.meBejing Biden's pick for Secretary of State plans to restore relations with the Chicoms12/04/2020 - fellowshipoftheminds.comGeorgia: Massive Spike In Biden Votes During Suitcasegate12/04/2020 -'Fangirling so hard': Jake Tapper and Brian Stelter celebrate the incoming Biden-Harris administration with a 'very normal' tongue bath12/04/2020 - twitchy.comKeeps going and going: AOC's continued whining about Repubs not knowing HOW HARD she's worked just a hot mess of HILARITY12/04/2020 - twitchy.comThe Election Wizard12/04/2020 - Joe Biden's DHS Nominee Is The Picture Of DC Political Corruption12/04/2020 - thefederalist.comMore than 40 states to join antitrust lawsuit against Facebook: Report12/03/2020 - washingtonexaminer.comDNI Ratcliffe: China Attempted To Steal Our Covid-19 Research12/04/2020 - weaselzippers.usUnemployment Claims Fell by 75,000, But Economy Only Adds 245K Jobs in November12/04/2020 - legalinsurrection.comSurveillance video alleges proof of ballots being counted without oversight in Georgia12/04/2020 - saraacarter.comVoting Machine USB Drives Had Totals Altered Overnight, Witness in Nevada Election Contest Alleges12/04/2020 - ntd.comGeorgia Officials Ask Court to Lift Block on Wiping or Resetting Voting Machines12/04/2020 - ntd.comThird Witness Claims Bill Clinton Visited Jeffrey Epstein's Infamous "Pedophile Island"12/04/2020 - nworeport.meGeorgia Secretary of State Partially Bends The Knee, Acknowledges 'Ballots Were Counted Unlawfully And In Secret'12/04/2020 - nworeport.meLeaked Pentagon Photo Shows UFO 'Silver Cube' Hovering Over Atlantic: 'This Is Alien Technology'12/04/2020 - nworeport.meTrump Legal Team: We Have 'So Much Evidence' of Fraud in Nevada 'We Had to Rent a Separate Car'12/04/2020 - davidharrisjr.comReady For A Biden, China Administration? Firm Linked To Joe Biden Scrubs Website Of All China Related Business.12/04/2020 - davidharrisjr.comSupreme Court Strikes Down Gavin Newsom's Lockdown Ban on Church Worship Services12/04/2020 - davidharrisjr.comDeveloping: Nevada Judge Does NOT Rule on Obvious Voter Fraud Case -- USPS Is Preventing Witnesses from Testifying!12/04/2020 - davidharrisjr.comLt. Gov. of Pennsylvania responds to the news that SCOTUS will hear Rep. Mike Kelly's case with a 'Simpsons' GIF12/04/2020 -'Are YOU drunk?' Mean girl Soledad O'Brien's attempt at smearing Trump witness Mellissa Carone does NOT end well for her, like at all12/04/2020 - twitchy.comVoting Works, Which Is In Charge of Georgia Audits, Openly Hostile To Trump FOR12/04/2020 - gellerreport.comVice President Pence Leads a Roundtable Discussion12/04/2020 - justtherealnews.comDominion Voting Machines Were Updated Before Election, Georgia Official Confirms12/04/2020 - ntd.comUnearthed secrets detail how Hillary Clinton allies boosted Christopher Steele's access to FBI12/03/2020 - washingtonexaminer.comNLRB: Google Illegally Spied on Workers, then Fired Them12/03/2020 - breitbart.comEmployment growth slows sharply in November amid coronavirus surge12/04/2020 - cnbc.comDominion Had Remote Desktop Access To Voting Machines, Poll Pads12/04/2020 - populist.pressUNREAL! Fact Checkers Now Telling Us What Is "Not Suspicious"...12/04/2020 - populist.pressMississippi Councilwoman Charged With Firing Gun in Walmart Parking Lot Brawl With Ex Caught on Video12/04/2020 - populist.pressSan Francisco Bans Smoking Tobacco Inside Apts -- But Smoking Pot Is OK12/04/2020 - populist.pressDominion Voting Machines Were Updated Before Election, Georgia Official Confirms12/04/2020 - populist.pressGeorgia Officials Ask Court to Lift Block So They Can Erase Machines...12/04/2020 - populist.pressFriday round-up12/04/2020 - scotusblog.comMarco Rubio Straight-Up Savages AOC Over COVID Aid to the Middle Class12/04/2020 - louderwithcrowder.comBiden Announces New COVID Scam: Only MASK UP for 100 Days12/04/2020 - louderwithcrowder.comFRIDAY OPEN THREAD...12/04/2020 - weaselzippers.usEnergy trader Vitol fined $164 million to settle bribery allegations in Latin America12/04/2020 - fcced.com1,000+ Chinese Researchers Have Left U.S. amid Tech Theft Crackdown12/03/2020 - breitbart.comKyle Rittenhouse to stand trial on all 6 counts related to fatal Kenosha shooting12/03/2020 - theblaze.comIran likely to hold off on retaliation over scientist's killing, U.S. envoy says12/03/2020 - reuters.comRatcliffe: CCP Leaders, Including Xi 'Were Aware and Lied' about What They Knew about COVID12/03/2020 - breitbart.comAid coming to Ethiopia's Tigray as refugees recount war suffering | Ethiopia | Al Jazeera12/03/2020 - aljazeera.comDHS Warns Americans of Products Made In China from Slave Labor12/03/2020 - breitbart.comSpecial Report: Burner phones and banking apps: Meet the Chinese 'brokers' laundering Mexican drug money12/03/2020 - reuters.comGovt accuses Facebook of discriminating against US workers12/03/2020 - going public makes 25-year-old Austin Russell one of world's first, and youngest, self-driving billionaires12/03/2020 - cnbc.comJoe Biden expresses support for raising tax rates to levels not seen since George W. Bush12/03/2020 - washingtonexaminer.comCalifornia tops Hawaii as the state with the worst unemployment picture in the US12/03/2020 - Bragg says 2 bodies found in training area12/03/2020 - americanmilitarynews.comDid Hollywood Just Write Off 2021 ... and Beyond? - Hollywood in Toto12/03/2020 - hollywoodintoto.comBitcoin arrives on Wall Street: S&P Dow Jones launching crypto indexes in 202112/03/2020 - cointelegraph.comWATCH: McEnany SLAMS reporter for saying White House should not host holiday parties: 'If you can loot businesses... you can go to a Christmas party' | The Post Millennial12/03/2020 - thepostmillennial.comFINALLY: Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp Calls For Signature Verification, Still Won't Call Special Session of Legislature - National File12/04/2020 - nationalfile.comPfizer Chairman: We're Not Sure if Vaccine Will Shed, Transmit Virus - Daily Patriot Report12/03/2020 - dailypatriotreport.comSupreme Court sides with church challenging California's COVID-19 restrictions - UPI.com12/03/2020 - upi.comLondon churches flout coronavirus lockdown rules through secret worship services - NaturalNews.com12/02/2020 - naturalnews.comCalifornia 11-year-old kills himself during virtual class on Zoom as health experts warn depression is increasing amid lockdowns12/03/2020 - washingtonexaminer.com11-Year-Old Boy Kills Himself On ZOOM Call During COVID Lockdown Public School Online Classroom | The Red Elephants12/03/2020 - theredelephants.comGeorgia Gov. Brian Kemp Calls For Signature Audit of Ballots Following Release of Bombshell 'Ballot-Stuffing' Video - American Greatness12/04/2020 - Harris Poll: Many Want to See Fauci Take Vaccine First | 12/03/2020 - newsmax.comDOJ says Facebook gave preference to foreigners over American workers12/03/2020 - washingtontimes.comReport: 40 States Will File Antitrust Lawsuit Against Facebook12/03/2020 -'Don't back down': Tulsi Gabbard tells Trump he has her full support in terminating Section 23012/03/2020 - washingtonexaminer.comCoronavirus vaccine: Pfizer given protection from legal action by UK government12/02/2020 - says supply chain challenges contributed to slashed target for COVID-19 vaccine doses in 202012/03/2020 - reuters.comU.S. Surpasses 100,000 COVID-19 Hospitalizations, Breaks Daily Death Record : Coronavirus Updates : NPR12/02/2020 - npr.orgBRIEF-Facebook Says Will Start Removing False Claims About Covid-19 Vaccines That Have Been Debunked By Public Health Experts On Facebook, Instagram12/03/2020 - reuters.comA Prominent AI Ethics Researcher Says Google Fired Her | WIRED12/03/2020 - wired.comJustice Department Files Lawsuit Against Facebook for Discriminating Against U.S. Workers | OPA | Department of Justice12/03/2020 - justice.govNearly 30 people rescued from human smuggling operation running out of SW Houston home, HPD says12/03/2020 - khou.comInside A Xinjiang Detention Camp12/03/2020 - buzzfeednews.comRose McGowan: Time's Up a 'Vile PR Stunt,' 'Front for Human Traffickers;' 'Shame on the Actresses Involved'12/02/2020 - breitbart.comWarner Bros. will simultaneously release 2021 movies on HBO Max and in theaters12/03/2020 - nbcnews.comWind fans wildfire in California canyons, residents flee 12/03/2020 - wcjb.comJupiter and Saturn to align in the sky this month as 'Christmas Star'12/03/2020 - fox5ny.comWATCH: Trump lawyer recites exhaustive list of explosive voting fraud allegations in Georgia | The Post Millennial12/03/2020 - thepostmillennial.comTrump Awards Presidential Medal of Freedom to Former Football Coach Holtz12/03/2020 -