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Oregon Launches Minor in Black Studies to Fight Racism09/24/2020 - legalinsurrection.comTrump Greeted With Boos, Heckling as He Pays Respects to Justice Ginsburg09/24/2020 - legalinsurrection.comNightmare for Seattle residents as City Council overrides Mayor's veto & pushes to defund police09/24/2020 - saraacarter.comPolice Officers Shot During Riots Following Breonna Taylor Indictment09/24/2020 - thegreggjarrett.comSeattle Paying Former Pimp As Alternative To Cops...09/24/2020 - weaselzippers.usLouisville Police Release Identity Of Suspect Connected To Shooting Of Two Officers09/24/2020 - saraacarter.comBLM Shoots Cops over FALSE Breonna Taylor Narrative! | Good Morning #MugClub09/24/2020 - - StevenCrowderSteven Crowder on 'Former Pence Aide's' Trump story09/23/2020 - louderwithcrowder.comLeBron James Says 'No Comment' on the Two L.A. Cops Who Were Shot09/24/2020 - louderwithcrowder.comGov. 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The CDC09/23/2020 - - Tony Heller09/23/20: President Trump Holds a News Conference09/23/2020 - justtherealnews.comInsolvency Reforms to Help Aussie Small Businesses09/23/2020 - theepochtimes.comNew Bill Would Ban Biological Males From Women's Sports09/23/2020 - dailysignal.comKamala Harris Outlines Her Plans As President09/23/2020 - - Tony Heller"Journalist" Threatened With Violence For Streaming "Activists" Decides To Lick Their Boots Instead...09/23/2020 - weaselzippers.usUnnamed Democrats Question Sen. Dianne Feinstein's Ability to Lead Judiciary Committee Fight Over Court Nominee09/23/2020 - - ShipwreckedcrewU-Haul Spotted Dropping Off Shields and Riot Supplies in Louisville Linked To Soros-Connected Group09/23/2020 - - ShipwreckedcrewCalifornia Vows to Ban Sale of New Gasoline-Powered Passenger Vehicles in 203509/23/2020 - theepochtimes.comBREAKING: One Officer In Louisville Shot By Rioters - Livestream Captured The Entire Thing...09/23/2020 - weaselzippers.usCA Gov. Newsom signs executive order banning sale of new gas and diesel vehicles by 203509/23/2020 - legalinsurrection.comUK Expert Corruption09/23/2020 - - Tony HellerExciting Bioluminescent Technology09/23/2020 - - Tony HellerJohnson & Johnson begins phase 3 trial of COVID-19 vaccine09/23/2020 - oann.comFired Louisville officer indicted in connection with Breonna Taylor case09/23/2020 - oann.comJerry Nadler Appears To Poop His Pants On Live TV...09/23/2020 - weaselzippers.usSpontaneous Communist Takeover In Louisiville09/23/2020 - - Tony HellerRioting has Already Begun in the Streets of Louisville After Announcement of No Charges in Shooting of Breonna Taylor09/23/2020 - - ShipwreckedcrewPresident Trump Participates in a Discussion with State Attorneys General on Protecting Consumers09/23/2020 - justtherealnews.comRand Paul SCOLDS Fauci for Lockdown Effects. 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